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About Sea Speak Sphere

Sea Speak Sphere, the brainchild of Asher Jay, is a creative diaspora that advocates marine conservation. It amplifies the urgent blue memos expressed by proactive seafaring souls by lending a visual voice to their efforts and strengthening the global crusade to save Planet Ocean from further denudation. Every issue, species and solution strategy will be articulated on this platform. Sea Speak Sphere is about community, collaboration, and commitment to the cause; its meticulously curated content serves as a call to action for people from all walks of life because regardless of who you are or where you live, you owe one out of two breaths to the blue.

A few words from the Founder:

I had been contemplating over holistic ways in which to tackle an array of red flags pertaining to marine ecosystems for some time now. Having contributed creative artwork to several ocean related Non-Profit initiatives, silent auctions, benefits, seminars and narratives over the past year, I deduced that all the issues I poured myself into were profoundly interrelated and in need of synchronized address. Additionally I noticed two terms bubbling up time and again in every discussion about marine life and aquatic habitats, “trash” and “toxicity.” In October of 2011 I decided to do something about this emerging theme, so I launched a fictitious nation that placed a claim on all the waste in this world. I find that when a problem is owned it can be solved, which is why I made this issue my personal quandary. The petrochemical provinces of the ‘United Flotsam of Garbagea’ (U.F.O.G) can be viewed online at: Garbagea.com.

Garbagea helped me precipitate an engaging and unique dialogue about marine pollution and the plastic gyres with different demographics, even people who wouldn’t normally be interested in knowing more about an environmental crisis took to the morbid model as it entertained them. The framework utilizes exaggerated indifference toward collective welfare as a vehicle for humor in an effort to manipulate the default wiring of the jaded and cynical and to reveal to them the hard truths currently facing humanity and the planet in an atypical manner. Waste, the obvious by-product of a culture that emphatically advocates a use-and-throw mode of existence, is the ubiquitous plague of the Twenty-first century. At my previous shows I decorated and sold found litter in Saran Wrap sealed, discarded shoe boxes as Garbagean property investments by the cubic feet. I intend to add such packaged cartons as the “treasure chests” of the high seas beneath my mobile installation.

Garbagea’s mission is to unite people by sensitizing them to the environmental issues facing our blue marble as of now, in the hopes that an informed collective will want to institute a new paradigm of sustainable subsistence to pave the way to a holistic future.

Founder of Sea Speak Sphere

The purpose of “Sea Speak Sphere” is to offer every voice speaking up for the oceans a unique platform from which they can be heard simultaneously, as this will help flesh out how interdependent the concerns and effective implementation of solution strategies are. This is my way of amplifying the efforts of fellow radicals who not only understand the larger picture but are actively sculpting it in to something better for the collective.

For the Blue,

Asher Jay